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Children Of All Ages Will Enjoy Maretha’s Books

Thank you!

Jane Bwye

An exciting new author is visiting me today. Maretha Botha has recently moved from Africa to the UK and I can relate so much to the great upheaval she has experienced.


Maretha – I just loved your children’s book “Flame and Hope, An African Adventure”, which gained Gold Medal status on Authonomy. Please tell us how this peer review website has helped / hindered your career as a writer.

The best advice comes from experienced writers who are interested to help “newbies” like myself.

My love of description caused me to stumble – telling too much and showing too little.  Thinking about the setting and background of my story, I had an endless list of descriptions – early morning noises, midday siestas, incredible sunsets; animals walking by, birds twittering and flying in the sky. This thing which I loved so much often became a big stumbling block. So I had to…

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