My Review – Ginger, the Buddha Cat by Frank Kusy

I always had a soft spot for ginger cats, having had one myself – Saffron – a cat that had a mind of its own, but could purr and miaow the whole day long when he wanted company, or needed to complain about other cats in the neighbourhood.

So, this particular ginger cat as described by Frank Kusy has been on my mind since the days of Authonomy, a HarperCollins author website, now defunct. At the time, I read many of the reviews with interest, but never had opportunity to read the story personally.  All that has now changed and I’m delighted to post my review for this story here.  It is classified as a children’s story, but I think cat lovers will enjoy it as much!

Of Buddhas, “Sossidges”, Friendships and “Lightenment”
March 2, 2016
This review is from: Ginger the Buddha Cat (Ginger the Cat Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
First of all I want to say that I LOVE the cover. So, if I judged this book by its cover alone, I would’ve gone ahead and bought it without even reading the back page! .
There are many colourful characters in this story and I thought Ginger the Buddha Cat to be an utterly charming person, err… cat and his friends Sparky and Frou-Frou rounded out his life, whether he was living it somewhere in the East, enjoying one of his past 8 lives, or just being back in the present with Joe and Madge – two of the “oomans” in his life. There are many little stories which all come together in the end and I think Frank Kusy did a fantastic job bringing everything together throughout the development of the plot. My recommendation is to read the book bit-by-bit and giggle and laugh throughout – that way the experience lasts longer. I do think that adults who love cats will enjoy this story as much as younger readers 12-15 years (in my opinion), but altogether a pleasant read (and I’m smiling while writing this).


Frank Kusy
Born and raised in the fog-shrouded streets of 1960s London, and with more than 30 years of travel writing experience under his belt, aspiring Buddhist and incorrigible cat-lover Frank Kusy is a SUNDAY TRIBUNE RECOMMENDED AUTHOR and a four-time Gold Medal Winner on the Harper Collins Authonomy site. He has been awarded the AIA Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence for his flagship book ‘Rupee Millionaires’, and has been a featured author on several promotional sites, including BookBub, Pixel of Ink, EReader News Today, Indie Book Bargains and FreeBooksy. His books have received international press acclaim, and have made the Kindle Top 100 List several times, his first published book, ‘Kevin and I in India’, climbing as high as #5. In April 2015 his children’s book ‘Ginger the Gangster Cat’ won a Gold medal on the prestigious Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards for middle graders, though both his cat books (the second one is Ginger the Buddha Cat) appeal as much to adults as to children.
Please visit Frank Kusy’s author page.
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