My Review – Sapphire and Me: An Unusual Friendship by M.A. Daly and co.

As many of us have experienced it’s often very difficult to get a review, especially if you’re a children’s author, because many parents download our books, but seldom leave a review.  I did the same thing, so as soon as I had the opportunity to do so, I decided to fix things.  Here then follows my review for a little book which has been co-authored and illustrated by the author’s young seven year old daughter.

Unusual Friendship with an Orphaned Snake

March 2, 2016

Sapphire – a lonely, orphaned snake
 This review is from: Sapphire & Me: A Beautiful Friendship (Kindle Edition)
I downloaded this little story quite a while ago for my grandson who is 6 and he loved it. This is a lovely story helping young children to see that they can have all sorts of friends. Having an orphaned snake as a friend makes the book special. The illustrations are done by a young child and young ones will love them and want to sketch their own as well. There are a few different little adventures taking place and therefore I recommend this book being used as a bed time reader, one story a night!
Even though a young writer is responsible for the story, I would still encourage the use of the correct punctuation rather than add all the sentences together by means of commas. (Although having said that, I notice that my grandchildren do the same, because their heads are so filled with all sorts of imaginings that punctuation is not featured high on their list of priorities). Yet, this might be an obstacle for the overall success of the book, which I feel has a great future with a little bit of trimming here and there. Thank you for sharing this delightful story with us!


Margaret A. Daly

Having written her first paranormal fantasy book at the age of forty-three, Margaret Daly has started a wonderful trilogy. Margaret took her life’s encounters and crossed a bridge to a different world with them, a world filled with untamed power and endless possibilities.

Being raised in the hills of West Sparta, New York, Margaret lost her home and everything in it to fire at a young age. She dove into the dark world as a teenager and from there on spent most of her life wrapped up in unfortunate situations from bad choices. Margaret learned some things aren’t what you expect; some things end up being more.
Now, with her loving husband and four children, a family full of support and love, she has managed to overcome all the oddities thrown at her. Becoming the published author she once dreamed of being as a child but lost track of during this journey we call life.
Margaret Daly has written three books – two of which are children’s books. Feel free to leave a comment below the ABOUT ME page, thank you.
Please visit Margaret’s author page!

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