My Review – Grandpa Saves the Day! – James Minter

I had the pleasure of reading the first in The Billy Book Series by James Minter written primarily for Middle Grade boys.   I hope my review demonstrates how strongly we here at Fauna Park Tales feel about the subject of bullying – distasteful damaging behaviour – something which cannot be ignored.  Many children don’t enjoy school because of the trauma they face on a daily basis.  We as parents, grandparents, teachers and carers should constantly be aware of this most unsociable behaviour when children become victims of others’ malice. This book is not preachy, but handles bullying in a most satisfying way.  Here follows my review.

Grandpa Saves The Day!

4 July 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I bought the first Billy Book for my grandson who recently had to start wearing glasses and now seems to be pushed around a lot at school, especially by two boys who are about six months his senior. I want to thank James Minter for writing this particular story. I’m not going to give away the plot, but Billy gets to know what it means to have a grandfather who cares so much about him that he and his ‘assistant’ Max, perform once more as a team in The Great Magisco, and show a fourteen-year old bully that it’s never acceptable behaviour to gang up on younger boys, threatening them.
Then too, I would like to mention that the illustrations, although not elaborate are well-suited to the story. The book is well edited and formatted. We loved the natural dialogue among the various characters, whom we got to know a bit better. Apart from being an excellent read – especially for boys and pure entertainment – I recommend this book to parents who may want to encourage their children to cope with bullying. This story also highlights how wonderful it is for children to have a loving grandparent in their lives.


James Minter

James is a dad to two grown-up children, and a step father to three more. His fiction writing career started some five years ago with books designed to appeal to the inner child in all of us – very English humour. Later his daughter Louise, reminded him of the bedtime stories he told her, and suggested he might like to commit them to paper for others to enjoy. He hasn’t yet, but instead embarked on writing the eight-book Billy Grows Up series for 8 to 11-year-old children. These are traditional stories, but with value based plots.

Although the main character Billy and his friends are fictitious, Billy’s dog, Jacko, is based on his family’s much-loved pet, which, with their second dog Malibu, caused havoc and mayhem to the delight of his children and consternation of himself.

Before he started writing, James spent his working life as a college lecturer, and later in the computer industry. It was at a time before the invention of smartphones and tablets, when computers were powered by steam, and stood as high as a bus

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