Home can be defined in so many ways, yet to me it conveys the feeling of belonging somewhere, without worrying that I ever have to go somewhere else, because I’m part of the united family who resides there. After all, my affections are lodged at home.  I know that I’ll always have a refuge there  against the storms of the world outside the comforts of my loving home and I’ll always be welcome there.

MarethaBothaApplying this analogy to the life of a writer or published author, it could be said that in today’s stormy world of publishing, there’s a need to find such a refuge – a place where one feels welcome, appreciated, respected and supported, whatever situation one might face on any given day.  For writers this could mean that despite their best efforts, they have not sold any books or received any reviews, or worse, received another cold rejection letter, trying to get traditionally published while their manuscripts collect dust in their proverbial bottom drawers!

For  Indie Authors a possible bad review with a one-star rating could stumble them into silence, supposing they’re no good. Really all the things which make writers’ paths treacherous and full of unknown hidden rocks – the things they need protection from, a buffering against unknown obstacles which suddenly come along their writers’ pathway.  Against such dangers Rave Reviews Book Club will protect writers and provide a safe haven.  In this community we come across fellow members who do not only look after their own writing interests, but also share their knowledge and expertise with others.

Yet, as a writer, and especially as a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club, each writer has a responsibility.  Here we apply the three P’s – PROFILE, PROMOTE, PROPEL – our own work?  NO! We assist by supporting other authors on a regular basis in various ways as we shall see.  The adage that “There’s More Happiness In Giving Than Receiving”, will again be proved true for each member personally.

So we give first, by supporting fellow members on social media and our blog, then we’ll receive ten-fold in return. By being an active member, reading all notifications as soon as they are in my mailbox (already set to preferred mail – not in my junk mail), taking part in promotions such as #RRBCMOM = Rave Reviews Book Club Member of the Month, promoting the winner on my social media, buying their book, reading it and writing a review, and recommending the book to my followers on Twitter and Facebook.

#RRBCPIF = Rave Reviews Book Club PAY-IT-FORWARD WEEK = Join in the fun AND responsibility to write the best possible editorial on my blog for the authors assigned to you for the week (“Do to them as you would like done to you.”).  I try to be involved, volunteering to do all three days, tweeting my assigned author’s work exclusively. What’s in it for me?  Yes, SATISFACTION (on my part for a job well done and honing my writer’s skills at the same time) and RECOGNITION of my blog, because visitors to my blog will leave a comment, and who knows, follow me!

Are you a reader?  What a question!!! You’re a writer, not so? A very small requirement by our Rave Reviews Book Club Parents is that we read and review FOUR books a year . . . If you’re a bookworm like myself, you will starve to death if you don’t ‘feed’ your bookworm brain regularly.  So, again, give support and then you can expect support as far as buying, reading and giving honest reviews are concerned.

So, why not forget all about your writers’ woes and join our club today? Just click on the link below and you’ll never look back! Following this link is guaranteed to change your life!


Here are a few benefits you might like to think about, highlighting what your membership will entail:

*The listing of up to 3 of your books in our online catalog;

*The ability to add book covers to 2 of your titles;

*The ability to add additional book titles and covers for an additional fee of $5 each;

*FREE or highly discounted entry into all our fee-based writing contests;

*FREE listing of your *approved* blog and/or website and your Facebook page;

*For approved works, inclusion in our annual RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL Anthology;

*Discounted rates to our future Writer’s Conferences and Book Expos;

*Our site receives upwards of 800 hits per day, and the majority of those hits are views to our Online Catalogue, where member-author books are being purchased, read and reviewed; GRAND EXPOSURE FOR YOUR BOOK(S);

BTR - ATI Page BadgeAnd a few extra items to wet your appetite even more:  Rave Reviews Book Club has a “Rave Waves” Blog Talk Radio Show hosted by various club members on a weekly basis.  Here you as a fellow club member will have an opportunity to tell the world more about yourself by means of live interviews and/or book advertising. With programme names such as, ASPIRE TO INSPIRE, BEHIND THE PEN, BEYOND THE COVER, SPOTLIGHT HONOURS, BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT and BUY THE BOOK, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to be featured on any of these shows!

BTR - TT245 Badge

BTR - BOTS Page Badge


All this sounds marvellous, I’m sure you’ll agree, but just as our parents expected us to perform certain tasks at home, our cyber parents, Nonnie Jules (President and Founder) and her hard-working team expect support as well.  If you’re a rebel in your parents’ house, the whole home atmosphere could be wrecked as a result.  So at Rave Reviews Book Club, members must support the household, rather than just sit at the table with outstretched hands, expecting to be fed and served like the Queen of Sheba!

Only our pets are allowed to laze in the sun, dreaming of their next big meal . . . but even pets play ball.  So, if you want to be a supportive member, keeping the family home running like a well-oiled machine – PLAY BALL!

Profile – Promote – Propel

Lionell`s Phone images187!cid_BB22B638C1C54C218912600807A59BCD@LionellBothaPC (3)


And I don’t think it’s a good idea to argue with a determined bull-terrier who wants to play ball.  Thank you for visiting my blog today.  I’m sure you’ll never look back once you become part of this wonderful online family.  I’ve been a member for the past eleven months and I’ve enjoyed my home very much!

Please comment and/or follow beyond the About Me page.  Thank you.  See you soon!



    • Thanks so much, Staci! I’m not sure if I did the right thing to publish it now, because the Recruitment day is only on Thursday, but I worried that some of the people I know on my author Facebook page don’t see it in time and I know there are a number who could really benefit from the upliftment of a club such as ours! Enjoy your day and thanks for popping in. 🙂


  1. Hi Maretha! 😀 No worries about being early – just remember to plug the link on Twitter/FB etc on the day (with the #RRBC hashtag of course!) as well so you pick up on the renewed activity again, rather than just for us discerning peeps who’re following your blog already… 😉
    Lovely post for us – I don’t think you’ve left a single stone unturned! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Jan! And of course, I still have to pinch myself when I see comments on my blog posts. At one stage, before I joined RRBC I really thought that I was doing all my writing for an imaginary blog audience. Yet, immediately during and after our SCHOOL BLOG& BOOK TOUR I saw such a fantastic increase in traffic to both my blogs, and even more so last week during our PAY IT FORWARD WEEK on my other blog. This one is my child friendly one. I use the other one more for grown-up stuff🙃
      I hope you have a successful Recruitment Day on Thursday. Thanks for popping in🌹


  2. So tet-a-tet reading your blog tonight. Promoting oneself in any field is not easy but must be done, and you certainly have made a wonderful forum or space or place for your fellow writers/published authors to ‘feel at home’ – lovely, well done Maretha. I love WordPress blogs, I follow a few on the environmental/conservation fronts – plant abundance being my favourite.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks you so much, Meriel, I love your sentiments and yes, the environment and the many issues which influence its successful sustainability are close to many people’s hearts. And really, as another blogger pointed out, writers have a responsibility to others to convey accurately that which they deem important. And the environment is one such subject. Kind regards!🍂🍁🐝


  3. Maretha, you have so aptly informed us and reminded us again just how fabulous RRBC is and I will share your message.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks, Shirley! I always seem to carry my heart on my sleeve, but truth be told, I think that I would find it extremely difficult to keep doing what I do without a strong group of encouraging people who encourage me. Have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. […] I would like to mention that it was this particular feature of Rave Reviews Book Club which hooked me to join the club.  This month, I’ve been a happy member for TWO YEARS. In an earlier blog post I tried to express how I feel about a quality book club such as Rave Reviews Book Club in a post called:  https://marethabotha2013.com/2016/09/27/rave-reviews-book-club-a-place-called-home/ […]

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