My Review – Angry Potato Man

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy visiting Natascha Taylor’s author page at:
She has written and illustrated four Early Readers/Picture Books.  Angry Potato Man is number four. I recently had an opportunity to review it.  Here is a copy of my review.
on 7 October 2016
I received a complimentary copy of Angry Potato Man from Natascha Taylor – author/illustrator – in return for an honest review. At first glance the reader might assume that this is just another Picture Book. Yet, this is not the case at all, because the author gives much attention to detail. For example, her illustrations are imaginative, ‘alive’, clear and colourful, done against various bright backgrounds, and will appeal to young children. They show how the jellybellies – a lovely, memorable name – do their best to get Angry Potato Man to smile. Day after day the jellybellies try different things, but to no avail. After all sorts of tricks, the jellybellies admit defeat, except for one. He tries something different and finally there’s a positive result!

Producing a good Picture Book has many challenges and for the greater part the author has done an excellent job.  Had the story been written in rhyme it would have been perfect in my opinion.  Hence, a solid four stars from me and recommended as a worthwhile read.


Natascha Rosina Taylor
Natascha Taylor currently lives and works in the UK, in London, as a Creative Director, Designer and Illustrator. As an Author, she hopes to restore the emotive quality in children’s literature. Drawing upon her varied creative skills and inspired by her daughters, she creates stories to enliven, encourage and warm the hearts of young and old readers alike. With humour, poetry, imagination, and depth she strives to provide a place for all ages to identify and connect with. As an Artist, she reflects and interprets the world around her with an endless desire to explore.
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