Rave Reviews Writers’ Conference and Book Expo – An Announcement

Dear Followers of Fauna Park Tales Blog

I would like to remind everyone that a wonderful event – Rave Reviews Book Club Writers’ Conference and Book Expo is upon us – scheduled for  1-3 December, 2016. RRBC President and Founder, Nonnie Jules and her team of dedicated members have been working hard to organise this amazing event. For more information, please click on the link highlighted in light-blue for more information.

The Rave Reviews Writers’ Conference and Book Expo

Our Rave Reviews Book Club motto will ring ever true at this event!

We Gather, We Enjoy, We Learn!

Banner logo for the Rave Reviews Book Club Conference and Book Expo

  • The RRBC Writer’s Conference and Book Expo IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!  So even if you’re not a member yet, take courage, because RRBC is hosting a virtual conference. So there’s no need to worry about expensive plane tickets, putting miles on your car, or unpleasant hotel rooms.What can you expect at such an awesome event?  Here follows a list of our wonderful items:
  • Visit author booths
  • Attend conference sessions and workshops
  • Browse books for sale
  • Mingle and network with other writers and readers
  • Visit vendor booths

This will be a time to have fun and learn something at the same time, because some of the sessions offered include:

  • Blogging for Success
  • Building your Author Platform
  • Formatting Made Easy
  • Book Blurbs Do’s and Don’ts
  • Marketing 101

 I encourage you do so every day, click on the light-blue items for pricing and register for the event and the official Rave Reviews Book Club Writers’ Conference and Book Expo website through the links above.


This event is being held in an off-site virtual location, meaning it will not take place on the RRBC Site;

This event is open to members of RRBC as well as non-members, although some features of this event are only available to members.

Should you decide to join our supportive group of authors  and become a fully-fledged member – I’m sure you will  want to – don’t forget to mention that Maretha Botha sent you.

You can find the membership link here where our motto is to


fellow authors and their awesome work!

Thanks so much for popping in!





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