Conference and Book Expo


THE Day has finally arrived!  Our RRBC Writers’ Conference and Book Expo is open and for the next THREE days when we will be welcoming fellow authors, whether members of the Club or not, as well as keen readers and other members of the Public who are most welcome –

Here is a copy of my correspondence received in connection with the Conference and Book Expo:

This is just an FYI that the site goes FULLY LIVE at 3 PM CT today (Thursday, 12/1/16). 
There is one LIVE chatroom session today:
FORMATTING MADE EASY, which begins at 11 AM CT.  If you are registered for that session, your password will open the door for your entry, 15 minutes before it is scheduled to begin.
All other sessions, Author Booths, Vendor Booths will once again GO LIVE AT 3PM CT TODAY! 
We hope that you will take the time to purchase lots of books for those avid readers on your holiday shopping list, as you tour each Author Booth! (I know I will!)  Do stop to engage with the Author and other guests by leaving a comment, before you leave. 
Lastly, we wish you all the best of luck in our GIFT CARD BASKET RAFFLE!  (There is still time to get your tickets, if you haven’t already!)

ENJOY the conference!!!! 

Please, don’t forget that this blog, Fauna Park Tales is a child-friendly blog
The furry friends at the bottom of the page say, thank you so much and I hope to see you at the Conference!
Here is a list of my books which you might want to have a look at:
An African Adventure: Friends
An African Adventure:  The Orphans’ Plight 

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