Writers’ Conference & Book Expo – 2016

Welcome to Fauna Park Tales.  Here is a copy of my Author Booth listing in Rave Reviews Book Club’s RRBC Writers’ Conference & Book Expo.  As you can see from the badge, I’m a PARTICIPANT and proud of the fact.  I hope you will visit all the Author Booths.  There are some awesome books and fabulous authors to meet.  I’ll be posting fellow authors’ posts and websites on my second site, called marethmbotha.wordpress.com

Thank you so much for visiting my Author Booth today.  My name is Maretha Botha aka Bookworm Botha, Teacher Margaret and of course, Mom and Oumie (Afrikaans for Granny). Occasionally my husband likes to call me Sweetie. As you might imagine, I love all these terms of endearment, but I am proud to call myself a writer and illustrator of animal and bird adventure stories for children. Before immigrating to the United Kingdom, I worked as a school librarian in Gaborone, Botswana. My job description included encouraging foreign language students to improve their English and to enjoy reading. When my post was localised, I earnestly began researching the habits and habitats of birds-of-prey. In time FAUNA PARK TALES came into being. Many positive comments and reviews convinced me that my series of illustrated books will be enjoyed by young and old alike, especially those interested in the environment and smaller wild animals and birds, and provide endless hours of reading pleasure, even for better young readers (9-13) who still enjoy seeing illustrations of their favourite characters. I’m proud to tell you that the original stories, “African Adventures of Flame, Family and Feathered Friends” gained GOLD MEDAL STATUS in September 2013 on Authonomy – a writers’website supported by HarperCollins Publishers.



An African Adventure: Flame and Hope


Flame and Hope: An African Adventure (Fauna Park Tales Book 1) by [Botha, Maretha]



Friends: An African Adventure (Fauna Park Tales Book 2) by [Botha, Maretha]


The Orphans' Plight: An African Adventure (Fauna Park Tales Book 3) by [Botha, Maretha]


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