Short Story – Mystery Of The Moving Rock – Maretha Botha

Please keep an eye on this blog and other media sites for a link to Susan Day’s delightful blog where she aims to put the “grand” back into the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren, encouraging this wonderful relationship to grow stronger than ever by providing short stories written by various children’s authors, giving grandparents the opportunity to read to their grandchildren.

Image result for grandparents reading to grandchildrenImage result for grandparents reading to grandchildrenI am delighted to tell you that I will be sharing such short stories every Sunday with you, because Susan Day, Astro’s Adventures’ Creator has accepted me as a regular contributor to ASTRO’S ADVENTURES BOOK CLUB and BLOG.

My first short story, based on true fact, is called ‘The Mystery of the Moving Rock’ and has a few lovely illustrations to add interest for younger readers and/or listeners. Please let us know what your grandchildren and of course other children who read for themselves, think about this by leaving a comment on Astro’s Page. Here follows a short excerpt and introduction.  Please follow the link:

“Today we are so lucky to have South African author, Maretha Botha, sharing one of her wonderful stories with us. Maretha is going to be a regular contributor and her stories will appear each Sunday.

So, read on and make sure you come back or sign up for more wonderful, and exciting stories from South Africa!

“A young man went on a photographic safari to Botswana, somewhere in Southern Africa, hoping to photograph something unusual.

He shared a small house with a few news reporters. On a hot Friday afternoon, he was relaxing in his easy chair. Non-stop hooting from the garbage collectors’ truck startled him.

They showed him something which was stuck in a 25-litre empty paint bucket, urging him to buy it. He was curious, but not keen to part with his money. He saw something which looked like a rock inside the bucket. He tried to lift it out of the bucket, thinking, What sort of a rock is this then? . . .” – An Excerpt . . . click on the link and read more!

Thank you for popping in.  Please remember that your comments are always much appreciated by all of us, children’s authors.  


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    I’m hoping those of us who are grandparents might like to read these Sunday stories to grandchildren. Let me know if you find this week’s story to the young ones’ liking!


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