Author Showcase! Children’s Author, Gracie Bradford Suzanne Burke

Susanne Burke has done such a wonderful encouraging thing this month. She began a new venture – AUTHOR SHOWCASE – and we, children’s authors, are featured first. Gracie Bradford, whose lovely book, “June the Prune and Lady Bird: Cancer Stinks ” – one of our Rave Reviews Book Club’s May Books of the Month winners – has the honour to be interviewed first. This is a wonderful interview, highlighting Gracie Bradford’s amazing professional career, and how she has moved on to writing, using her in-depth knowledge of dealing with children who suffer with cancer, or who have difficult circumstances at home, as themes and backgrounds in her story-telling. I’m sure you will enjoy reading this interview, as well as acquire Gracie Bradford’s books on Amazon.u

Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke.

Hello and welcome to the first Author Showcase! I will be featuring different authors & genres each month. I interview each author, and showcase their featured work.

WHY? Simply because I enjoy supporting other Indie Authors every chance I get.

This Month, “Children’s Books” are being featured.

Please welcome Gracie Bradford Author of “June The Prune & Lady Bird.” (Cancer Stinks Kids and Pets cracking the POWER code).


Meet Gracie Bradford


My business logo is “I AM….”. So, who is Gracie?

The best parts of me are that I am dynamic, an inspirer, a motivator, a risk taker, an explorer, a magnet to children, and a bookworm.

I am a retired senior healthcare executive who travels the world, a grandmother of an amazing 19-year old college student who lives with me, a grandmother to the awesome beagle, Lady Bird, an award-winning author, a lover of flowers, and a professional volunteer…

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