Children’s Book Festival Manchester – An Update

I’m delighted to show you a few photographs from the Manchester Children’s Book Festival held today on the 24th of June – an exciting event which many young ones and their parents attended. Opening time and the first ‘customers’ are already here!IMG_1125

Our original display online poster.IMG_1108Members of The Children’s Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators, Britain, had an opportunity to be present at this annual event held in the Geoffrey Manton Building, MMU premises, Manchester.

A few of us – Illustrators – had the privilege to showcase three illustrations each. I’m sure you’ll agree that the standard was very high. Illustrations of this caliber already grace many a good children’s book. 



We also had a fun activity for youngsters who wanted to try their hand at making spoon puppets which they could put in our little ‘theatre’ and have their photos taken with it. Here are a few photographs  capturing the fun moments.

It was quite busy, yet we had opportunity to chat about our work to some of our potential new readers and their parents. Here are a few more moments in time!


Proud to be here for the first time!


I thought these little spoon puppets were very cute. What do you think?


At the moment my feet are killing me, so I’m writing this post sitting in bed with my feet up. It has been a pleasant experience and certainly made my creative juices flowing. One thing I would like to do however, is to try my hand at producing Early Readers and Picture Books, because I saw how much parents and their younger children enjoyed sitting down to read together. I loved watching them!


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  1. Looks like a lot of fun, Maretha! Is that your illustration of the cats and rabbit? That one really caught my eye! I have never attended any SCBWI events. I keep meaning to, but now I will make of point of it after seeing how much interaction and fun there is to be had! Cute finger puppets!
    Congrats on getting picked to display your work and thank you for sharing this with us!

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    • It was fun, thanks DL. I Interacted with so many people and some of the children were great. I didn’t plan to do book sales, because I at first didn’t plan to attend, but when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t but accept. There are however opportunities to sell your prints and books, so for me this was more a fact finding Fun Day,🎉🐹🎉

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