Rave Reviews Book Club – “Book of the Month” Wow! Factor

From time to time, I ask myself why I took so long before joining Rave Reviews Book Club.  For almost a year before joining the club, I occasionally read WHO’S ON THE SHELF WITH NONNIE JULES, liking posts here and there, without realising that I needed support – I often felt isolated here in Lancashire, United Kingdom –  I was a recent immigrant from Southern Africa and still battled to find my way about Cyber Space.

This badge is part of my recent history and one of a few  I’ve acquired this past year. I’m very proud of this one!1YearBadge RRBC

Today, I’m not writing about the workings of a book club such as this one – reading, supporting, critiquing literary works – very important features; rather I’m giving the link to a previous post where I  gave more detail about the functions, opportunities, services offered and general information to do with Rave Reviews Book Club.


This post is about some of the members of Rave Reviews Book Club whom I got to know better: those who make up this incredible online community of writers, bloggers and illustrators. 

This good-looking badge however, reveals little about the people behind the badge – those who help with administration, arranging great events such as Book Tours, Expos and Conferences, and others  who help to bring members’ books to their full potential, making exceptional book trailers and writing professional blogs. Thank you, Nonnie Jules – Book Club President and her many helpers, John Fioravanti, Beem Weeks, Jan Sikes, Wendy Scott, Gwen Plano, John Howell, Marlena Smith, Jan Hawke and Patricia Green.  All these great members are also avid bloggers, BlogTalkRadio presenters and authors. I’m sure you would love to get to know them better.

I’m also extremely proud to have appeared as a guest on these awesome members’ blogs.

Thank you, Suzanna Burke https://twitter.com/pursoot for being a fabulous friend, supporter and tweeter! https://sooozburkeauthor.com/2017/06/18/author-showcase-featured-genre-for-june-childrens-books-featured-author-maretha-botha/

And Marlena Smith, Club Secretary, https://twitter.com/_MarlenaSmith_  blogger at https://mylife428.wordpress.com supporting authors at “MEET AUTHOR – Q&A” posts. https://mylife.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/meet-author-maretha-botha/. 

Marlena Smith

Karen Ingalls https://twitter.com/KIngallsAuthor gave me the privilege to appear as a guest writer on her blog, MIND, PEN, SPIRIT. http://kareningalls.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/writers-are-like-arborists.html

Karen Ingalls

Margaret Daly https://twitter.com/mdaly_margaret

I would like to specially mention those Rave Review Book Club members who took the time to read and review a few of Fauna Park Tales’ Books.  I’m sure you’ll recognise them and please remind me if I accidentally left someone out.

Gracie Bradford literally walked three extra miles with me – reading and reviewing the first three books in Fauna Park Tales.  Thank you, Gracie!  Then there are the great Tweet Team supporters and amazing members who have written unforgettable memoirs, showing the strength of the human spirit when faced with challenging circumstances.

So, if you had to ask me whether Rave Reviews Book Club has had a positive influence on me thus far, firstly as a person and secondly, as an author, I would say, “Yes!”  I’ve had opportunity to appear on BlogTalkRadio with Gwen Plano – BEHIND THE PEN WITH GWEN on the 4th of February this year; my books have been reviewed; I’ve hosted members of our book club on my blogs, as well as read and reviewed memoirs, children’s stories, thrillers and romantic novels, and enjoyed poignant poems about love lost and lifetime moments; I’m a member of the Tweet Support Team; I had opportunity to submit a few items for consideration for “Rave Soup for the Writer’s Soul” Anthology and this month, I had a wonderful surprise – “Flame and Hope: An African Adventure” was chosen as one of our clubs BOOKS OF THE MONTH! This honour opened the way for me to be on chat with Jan Hawke as host and my fellow winners, Joan Hall https://twitter.com/JoanHallWrites, Pamela S. Canepa https://twitter.com/PamSCanepa1 – we had great support from Michelle Abbot, Laurie Finkelstein, John Howell, Joy Nwosu LoBamijoko, Shirley Harris Slaughter, Gwen Plano, Staci Troilo, VashtiQ, Larry Hyatt, PeterW, AM Manay, Karl Morgan, DE Howard and more – sorry everyone – can’t remember all the names!

I’m sure that you’ll agree that I am a most satisfied and happy Rave Reviews Book Club member.  Whether you’re a reader or a writer, why not join our supportive online community today?


Thank you for visiting my blog today.  Should you wish to comment and or follow, you are most welcome!

Book 4 is on pre-order at present.






  1. Reblogged this on MarethMB and commented:

    Thank you so much to Nonnie Jules and her team for this opportunity to have “Flame and Hope: An African Adventure” chosen as one of Rave Reviews Book Club’s three BOOKS OF THE MONTH. This is how I see this awesome opportunity.


    • Thank you for your anniversary wishes, Traci! It’s hard to believe that a year can fly by so quickly and this month has been particularly hectic, trying to keep up my reading and tweeting processes as one of the RRBCMOM’s.


  2. RRBC is a wonderful place with fantastic members who quickly become friends and supporters! 😀 We’re proud and delighted you’re with us Maretha ❤


  3. Wow…what an extraordinary post! Thank you for the personal and collective acknowledgment. RRBC is a blessing for all of us – and you are a big part of that special blessing. 🙂


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