Series Notes #9 – Fauna Park Tales – Four Books

Happiness is having four books in the Fauna Park Tales Series available on Kindle and black-and-white illustrated Paperback. Go to:

A few well-loved illustrations to whet your appetite!

Thank you for you interest!  The first book, “Flame and Hope: An African Adventure” has been chosen as one of three July BOOKS OF THE MONTH – a great honour! If you are a Rave Reviews Book Club Member, please make sure to support all three authors this month – reading, reviewing and using your Social Media pages to the greatest extent possible, to advertise these books.

Our Book Club is currently reading…

“THE STRANGER” by Author,Joan Hall (@JoanHallwrites)

“MADE FOR ME” by Author, Pamela Schloesser Canepa (@PamSCanepa1)

“FLAME AND HOPE” by Author, Maretha Botha (@MarethMBotha)

We will admit to not having read all of these, but we trust that if you select a read which you find is not up to par (in your opinion), that you will give it your HONEST REVIEW and maybe, that HONEST review will help the author to take a closer look at their work, to ensure that it is the best that it can be. WE ARE NOT ABOUT GIVING ALL 5* REVIEWS here at #RRBC, we are about giving HONEST REVIEWS, whatever they may be.

We encourage all of our members to support these awesomely deserving members by going out and getting the e-book or paperback copy of their books (or pick one that you’d most like to read) so that you’re able to join in the discussion of these fabulous books on our next Book Club Discussion day. We ask that you please post a review after you’ve finished the read. PLEASE REMEMBER: Support these authors so that when it is your book here, you are supported in the same grand fashion!

Winsome Words Written By Deserving Indie Authors Deserve Our Highest Praise – An Honest, Positive Review!


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