Thanks for this tasty recipe! I’m reblogging it because I simply have to try something new for hubby and my grandchildren – always asking for patties when I’ve run out of imagination.


In a Russian folk tale, a soldier was walking through a village. Tired and hungry, he knocked on the door of a big handsome house.  An old woman answered.

“Please! – begged the soldier, – I’ve traveled far and wide, I am tired and hungry, would you give me something to eat?”

“This is a poor house, don’t you see?, – said the woman, – I myself haven’t eaten for two days.”

But the soldier did not believe her. The house was bigger than all the other houses in the village, and the woman was dressed in rich clothes. He looked around and spotted an ax in the corner. And he smiled into his mustache.

“Don’t worry, good woman, we’ll quickly make a delicious stew! We’ll cook this ax.”

“An ax? You’re going to cook an ax? Whoever heard of it!”

“I’ve traveled far and wide, and learned a great…

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