PAY IT FORWARD DAY 09/22/2017 – Maretha Botha via Gracie Bradford

Thank you so much for your fabulous support. I’m so grateful to you, Gracie. It has been an uphill battle to get the books to where they are at present. I’ve been doing some promotions, so this weekend Book 3, “The Orphans’ Plight: An African Adventure” is on a FREE DOWNLOAD. Happy reading all!

GRACIE BRADFORD: Grandma Midnight Book Reviews - Sassy and Outspoken

African Adventures (Fauna Park Tales Books)

MEET CHILDREN AUTHOR and ILLUSTRATOR MARETHA BOTHA. I have read all of her books. Her stories are super engaging with a different twist in each book.


Highly recommended to add to school libraries. The author uses the voices of the animals to tell the story about the furry animals of Fauna Park and the search to rescue their human friends from dangerous grown-up people. The story contains various lessons for children about family relationships, friendship, and teamwork.

Excellent books that may be used by Kindergarten and Middle School Teachers in science classes to teach about animals and human interactions. They are also books that may be used in language classes to teach new words and terms associated with the African dialect.

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