Life’s a Walk in the Park with Chicki – Margaret Lynette Sharp

I haven’t had Chicki Visit Fauna Park Tales for quite a while. I’m reblogging her friendly face. Thanks for sharing, Margaret. 🐶🐶

margaret lynette sharp

Life’s a walk in the park…

Most days, Chicki and I  stroll around this bushland track. Well, in truth, I stroll: Chicki stops every few yards to indulge in her favourite pastime, sniffing.

There seems to be an endless supply of wonderful smells around here, since it’s a favourite haunt of many dogs and their owners.

That’s Chicki’s pleasure. Mine is looking at the river, the bush, and the wildlife: especially the abundant birdlife.

It’s wonderful that Sydney suburbia still boasts lovely pockets of natural bushland.

Chicki overlooking her favourite track Chicki overlooking her favourite track

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