A Small Reminder Of Fonty

Fonty was much more than a rescue dog – he saw me through the best times and shared the bad ones. A constant companion, who will always be missed!

I originally wrote this article when I started a second blog, but I think this page belongs in Fauna Park Tales – my child friendly blog, encouraging reading and enjoying stories about young ones and their pets.

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Sometimes moving has its benefits, because one is forced to clear out the clutter, sorting through all kinds of things, including old letters and cards.  Recently, I did just that, but got stuck on a particular handmade card with a blue-lace trimming. The caption, With Deepest Sympathy – A Dog’s Prayer, took me back some 25 years to the time when I had to take my dear dog, Fonty to Dr Craig, our pets’ Veterinarian for the last time.  The growth in Fonty’s mouth was back.  I’ll never forget that particular spring morning when I didn’t hear his bark at the backdoor.  He was still lying on his mat.  His look – apologetic, tail barely wagging, nose still cool – yet dear human, I can’t get up any more . . . still haunts me to this day. I received this…

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