Interview – Author Sally Huss via Shana Gorian

Shana Gorian has children’s author and illustrator, Sally Huss, as her guest today. I’m sure you’ll be as inspired as I was with the incredible amount of work and art which Sally has produced through the years!

Rosco's Reading Room

Please welcome children’s author and illustrator, the lovely Sally Huss, to the Reading Room today.

Q. Thanks for joining us, Sally! I know that you write children’s picture books for all seasons and that you base many of them upon an inspirational message. I’d love to hear about what sort of theme you wrote for your St. Patrick’s Day book.

A. Thanks for having me, Shana. Glad to be here! I do indeed. The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow is about following your heart.

I loved this little fellow as I wrote about him. He knew what he loved and wouldn’t be put off. That, of course, led to his difficulties or apparent difficulties. But it also led him to what he truly desired in his heart. That’s how life goes really… what we want in our hearts eventually finds its way into our lives. If one were to reflect…

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