How to use a JPEG, PNG, and PSD Photoshop – Natalie Ducey

Thank you so much to very talented Natalie Ducey, sharing wonderful tips on how to get the most using MOCK-UPS to enhance, not only poems, but also illustrations.

Greetings, everyone! ♥

I love creating things, beautiful things that come from a grateful heart.

Today I’d love to share a video tutorial and a few resources on how to use a JPEG, PNG, and PSD Photoshop (Smart Object) Mockup file in Photoshop.

When I first started sharing my poetry, I used Mockups to help showcase my work. Mockups are fantastic for showcasing our creations in a more realistic setting.

Square White Frame Mockup accented with flowers and candle available at Unique Mockup Boutique Square White Frame Mockup ~ Unique Mockup Boutique

There are Mockups for everything you can imagine. Products you see online are, most likely, displayed using a Mockup. Yup, clothing, coffee cups, books, and even billboard Mockups can be found easily with a quick google search. There are numerous websites offering free Mockups. MOCKUP WORLD is a gem! Sometimes attribution or a linkback is required, but not always. It’s necessary to read the fine-print, of course; some are only available for…

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    • I think your post is great, and the only way I can be sure not to forget to stop by again, is to reblog it. I know there’ll be a few authors who would love to read more, and have things explained in a simple way. 🌺🌺

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