I’m so thrilled to be Rave Reviews Book Club SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR for the month of May! Thanks to Nia Markos for hosting me today.

Nia Markos

Author Pic

Maretha Botha is an Italian National born in South Africa. She and her family now live in Lancashire, United Kingdom, where she writes and illustrates animal and bird adventure stories, based on her experiences while growing up in South Africa. Her love for the southern African landscape, its environment, animals, birds and people shines through in her series of books which she entitled, “Fauna Park Tales”. She has completed the first four books in this series.

She and her family lived in Botswana for a few years before immigrating to the United Kingdom. This series, Fauna Park Tales: An African Adventure” is set against this background. Many of the stories are based on fact – things which she observed while living on the outskirts of a game reserve as well as the lives of her family’s pets – dogs, cats and birds, even birds of prey such as martial…

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  1. Congratulations Maretha for being in the spotlight for the month of May. Have a fabulous time and I look forward to reading your books.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind wishes, Julie! Yes, being told that I would be SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR in May was quite a lovely surprise and a very exciting prospect. I hope you like Fauna Park Tales’ stories. 💐🌸💐


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