Thank you Margie Hembroff – Children’s Books Illustrator – for hosting the final day of my SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR blog tour. We – the furry and feathered friends from Fauna Park – appreciate your support very much. 🐂🐕🐈🐓🐐🦅🦉🐶🐭🐈

Margie's Creations

Scan0009Maretha Botha has an Italian background. She loves espresso, and she loves pasta- just with olive oil and a bit of grated cheese, or a tasty Pasta Vongole with a few clams, cheery tomatoes and olive oil-this is an easy dish when she is busy illustrating and stopping to cook a fancy meal for hubby, might destroy the image in her head.

However, when she hits a blank-either with illustrating or writing the next big adventure-gardening gives a welcome break, taking photos of what the garden has on offer or simply getting down and doing some digging. A variety of bulbs, especially blue bells are great inspires in Spring, and rose are in a class of their own!

She prefers writing for children between 9 and 14 years, but “even better readers in this age group still like to see a few pictures of their favorite character,” she says. With…

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