Short Story – Saving The Evergreens – Maretha Botha

I am excited to tell you that I completed the 90-Day Alpha/Omega (Beginning to End) Short Story Writing Contest/Challenge presented to members of the Rave Reviews Book Club. I pledged to do two short stories. One is mentioned here – Saving The Evergreens: Garden Secrets with a few illustrations and photographs for the younger and young-at-heart readers among us – categorised under Juvenile Fiction. If you ordered this short story before today, please contact me, because I’ve added a few illustrations.

Then, the second short story is a work-in-progress collection – Lost And Found: Family Ties – which I’m developing as I find inspiration for such types of stories, and as soon as Amazon has done their bit, I’ll tell you more about it on my other blog,

Book description

Who knows what you may find in the undergrowth where all sorts of little creatures live? This short story fantasy will take you to a magical world which is hidden in the undergrowth. There, Tree Quarter – the home of all the evergreens – is attacked by a strange and fierce army of tree bugs. Are friendships and family ties strong enough to help the little creatures who live there to survive, and are there any humans who might unwittingly help them to overcome a terrible enemy?
Young and old – especially those of us who love the environment and its many amazing creatures – will enjoy getting to know more about the fragile life in the undergrowth, and perhaps, be reminded of our responsibility to care for our immediate environment, which might be just beyond the garden bench. 


  • Fiction > Short Stories
  • Juvenile Fiction > Nature & the Natural World > Environment

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you enjoy this little story. I certainly loved writing it! Don’t forget to comment and/or follow this blog if you wish. 



  1. Can’t wait to read this! I like the art, too. Reminded me I have more shorts from a long time ago. Have pull out my tree faires…what a great idea to get us to write shorts:)

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    • Yes, it’s the strangest things that get me thinking about what happens in the undergrowth and in this story, it really started when a neighbour summarily asked her gardener to chop out a young pine tree which started dying off on one side. I wonder if you would ever consider writing with me to put out a complete collection of GARDEN SECRETS”? 💐


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