Happy 2019 RRBC Clubaversary to Me!

I’m happy to tell you that the month of May Always seems to be a special month for me, especially when it comes to writing matters and books. I’ve also been a member of Rave Reviews Book Club for three years.

Thank you Rave Reviews Book Club President, Nonnie Jules, the RRBC Team and all those members who have been such a support to me these past three years.

Last year I was the #RRBCSpotlightAuthor for May. marethabotha2013.com/2018/05/31/rrbc-spotlight-author-in-may-maretha-botha/

RRBCSpotlight Author May 2018

(Of course, my garden also starts to perk up after the long and wet winter).

This month is also the release month for my first ever Book Trailer, thanks to 4WillsPublishers and Nonnie Jules’ efforts on behalf of Fauna Park Tales. Here is the link to my brand new book trailer.

Fauna Park Tales Books 1-4 Book Trails

 Thank you so much for popping in. We hope you enjoy our book trailer and please feel free to comment and/or follow our blog.

Book 1 – Available as an eBook @$2.38 and illustrated paperback @$8.50







    • Oh, thank you so much, Linda! This is the first time that I ventured into having a book trailer made and who better to do so than 4WillsPubs? I’m not sure in which part of America you live, but if it’s also Spring there, I hope you have a lovely Spring and Summer. 🙂


      • Thanks for that lovely little piece of information, Linda! And what a positive attitude – thinking that trees and flowers need the cooler wet weather too. I’m going to try and see our Lancashire weather in that light as well … won’t be easy, though. 🤩

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Happy Anniversary to both of us! Yay! Loved the new video. The colors are so vivid now!


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