Series Notes 12# – The Orphans’ Plight: an African Adventure – LARGE PRINT


Many of you might have wondered why I seemed rather quiet on Social Media, but despite the apparent absence, I’ve been polishing a few of Fauna Park Tales’ older manuscripts which was fun, despite a spinal injury, for the most of the time . . .

However, the fun stopped when I tried to upload a perfectly formatted, illustrated paperback  manuscript – no turn-over-the-page sentence midway at the bottom of odd page numbers, but ending each sentence and starting a new paragraph at the top of the even page – until I opened the Amazon Reviewer and all the spaces had moved!

Now, adding to my woes, I’m trying to do the same with a LARGE PRINT book with illustrations; my nails are gone and my nerves are in shreds after uploading a manuscript at least 20 times . . . (I stopped counting to maintain my sanity). Here is the book cover which in itself was also difficult to do on amazon.

I also have a new PC which has helped me to reformat the black and white illustrations which quality is much clearer. I hope you will all approve!

Here is the book cover for The Orphans’ Plight: An African Adventure which is based on the Orphans’ Plight: An African Adventure. I didn’t want to lose this book in favour of a LARGE PRINT EDITION, but I had to tighten up the script somewhat not to go beyond 160 pages.

If you would like to support me to launch the LARGE PRINT and have a few reviews, I would appreciate this very much. A few of Fauna Part Tales’ faithful readers have left positive reviews, and I would love if you could repost your review to the new site. I’ll send you an author’s copy of the new book and the website link as soon as it is available. I’m not sure whether I should release an eBook with the LARGE PRINT – haven’t done anything like this before, so I would be grateful to receive your input as well.

Thank you for popping in and please feel free to comment and/or join this blog



  1. Reblogged this on MarethMB and commented:

    It has been a difficult and often frustrating job to produce a LARGE PRINT. I wonder if anyone else has experienced similar issues when uploading on to Amzaon just to discover that all the chapters and page numbers are different. I stopped counting how many times I had to re-upload the manuscript.
    I have also improved the black and white illustrations which look much clearer now – not so much grey scale, hopefully!


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