My Review – “Die Leeu en die Hond” (Afrikaans); “The Lion and the Dog” by Patricia Furstenberg @patfurstenberg

I love having a fellow South African Children’s Author on Fauna Park Tales blog, and three years’ ago (how time flies!) I had the privilege to interview Patricia Furstenberg. Here is the link to this interview. Just FYI, her book, “Joyful Trouble” has been on amazon’s Best Seller List. Here is the link to my interview:

Unfortunately, my review was not accepted on amazon, and I leave you to decide about it. Here are their reasons. I’ll highlight some of their reasons, and of course, there is no way to “speak” to them, explaining that this is an Afrikaans review translated into English. If they allow foreign languages, surely they must allow a review in that language too? So here follows their explanation:

“Thank you for submitting a customer review on Amazon. After carefully reviewing your submission, your review could not be posted to the website. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines:  A few common issues to keep in mind:  Your review should focus on specific features of the product  . . . We do not allow profane orobscene content. (??) This applies to adult products too. (This is a Children’s Book Review)!
Advertisements, promotional material or repeated posts that make the same point excessively are considered spam. (Here I know I’m dealing with a robot, but then I always suspected it, but now I’ve experienced it for myself).
Please do not include URLs external to Amazon or personally identifiable content in your review. Any attempt to manipulate Community content or features, including contributing false, misleading or inauthentic content, is strictly prohibited.”

My review for this week is in Afrikaans, but if you scroll down, you’ll see the English translation. 

Patricia Furstenberg het heelwat kinderboeke geskryf, en ek was aangenaam verras om te sien dat van hulle in Afrikaans vertaal is deur Gert Furstenberg. Hierdie boekie – ‘n rymlose gediggie – vermaak nie net jonger lesers nie, maar help hulle om te sien dat vriendskap geen perke het nie. Oud of jonk, en in hierdie geval, ‘n vriendskap tussen ‘n siek leeu en ‘n astrante worshond wat nie afgeskrik word deur ‘n grommerige, ou leeu nie!
Die mooi illustrasies vermaak nie net die lesertjies nie, maar verryk die storie and maak dit spesiaal en maklik om te lees. Die skryfster het’n brawe ding gedoen om hierdie oulike storie te laat vertaal, en ek wens haar alle sukses toe met hierdie, en toekomstige ondernemings.

“Die Leeu en die Hond” verskyn ook in Duits en Engels.

Patricia Furstenberg has written several children’s books, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she has also translated a few of them into Afrikaans. This little book – mostly written without rhyme – not only entertains younger readers, but also helps them to appreciate that friendship has no limits. Old or young and in this instance, a friendship between a sick old lion and a cheeky Dachshund who is not put off by the old, grumpy lion!
The lovely illustrations do not only entertain small readers, but also enhance the story, making it special and easy to read. The author did a brave thing to have these lovely stories translated, and I wish her every success with this and future endeavours.

This title is also available in English and German. 

Thank you for visiting this blog today. As always, don’t forget to comment and/or follow us if you wish. And by way of reminder. Children’s Authors need your support when it comes to taking the time to leave short and positive reviews of their books, but don’t forget to think like a child and judge the story accordingly. 

I appreciate this review for Saving the Evergreens by @FizaPathan very much.

A short story which evokes joy, peace & soothing calmness.
Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2020
Format: Kindle Edition
“‘Saving The Evergreens’ is a short story about the little beings living in a garden & how they try saving a favorite tree from destruction. The story is penned in a lyrical manner which while reading sounds like a song which is commendable as it suits the tone of the short story. I loved the beautiful paintings in the book, they are really well done & add to the overall positive effect of the short story. I loved the conversations between the butterfly, the bumblebee, Smallun, etc., which made this story a very novel read. The plot & concept is creative. The scenes flow together & make sense. The characters are described very well in good detail. The formatting of the book is good. The overall effect after reading the short story is one of joy, peace & soothing calmness. Therefore on the basis of appearance, formatting, plot, concept, development, genre, descriptions & grammar, ‘Saving The Evergreens’ gets 5 stars from me. I hope to read more of Maretha Botha’s work in the near future.”


  1. Oh, bless you, Maretha, for your good heart.
    This is such a beautiful review and any words of appreciation are highly valued, especially when they come from a fellow author.

    I’ll be sure to post it on my website 🙂 and link back to you.
    Thank you! xx

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  2. Sorry you had issues with posting a review on Amazon. I never understand their reasons for pulling them. Sounds like a cute read.
    Congrats on your review, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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