15 July 2020 – Spring and Summer Garden Glimpses – Wonderful Wednesday #FaunaParkTales

Welcome to more WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY garden glimpses. This week I would like to showcase some of our remarkable roses which managed to bloom spectacularly, and I daresay miraculously, despite the torrents of rain we have had during the first two weeks of July. There are Climbers, Ramblers, Patio Climbers, Shrub Roses, Modern Shrub Roses – so many excellent choices depending where you live. Of course, roses are not always the friendliest of flowers; their thorns will quickly poke you whenever you overstep their boundaries.

Yet, when I see their glorious faces, scratches are soon forgotten. Here are a few rose glimpses in images and words – in English and Afrikaans.

Downwards the rose stoops
Regretting the sudden storm
Her petals shed tears.

‘n Roosknop buig laag,
Triestig in die lente reën
Huil haar blare sag.  ___M.M. Botha

CLEMATIS – There are apparently 400 different varieties, ranging between tall and wide to small, tiny mound forming bushes with only a 1-2 feet spread. As early as 1569 the first clematis came to England from Spain and thirty years later, Europe. Much hybridising took place then, but it was only when the large flowered clematis came from China and Japan that the Victorians took to clematis. Yet, they little understood about clematis wilt – like me – and stocks were often ruined. Fortunately modern nurseries pursued large scale propagation after the Second World War. A good thing for eager gardeners!

Two years’ ago, my younger daughter gifted me with four clematis plants, which I tried hard to maintain. Alas, only two plants survived. Whether it was my ignorance to grow them and/or to watch out for clematis wilt, earwigs, vine weevils or a host of aphids and protecting the young plants better from harsh weather, I cannot say.  Despite all these adversities, two of the bushes survived till now, and it looks as if they’re here to stay, showing real promise for the first time. 

As always, thank you so much for popping in. I hope you enjoyed your time with us at our Wonderful Wednesday post. Next week I’ll share more about taller border plants such as Foxgloves. Please feel free to comment and/or follow this blog. 



  1. Beautiful roses and granddaughter, Maretha:) We don’t get rain in the summer unless its a thunderstorm. My roses are finally making a comeback after some deer got a hold of them a couple years ago.

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  2. Reblogged this on MarethMB and commented:

    I’ve decided to reblog – Wonderful Wednesday, 15th July – a series of articles based on our gardening experiences here in Lancashire. Until recently, I still thought that gardening in the UK seems easy (considering the beautiful gardens which are constantly on display), not realising how much work is involved every new season. After having been a gardener for as long as I remember, I’m finally getting it: I need to remove certain bulbs and tubers from the ground before winter comes!


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