12 August – Summer Garden Glimpses – Wonderful Wednesday – #FaunaParkTales

Welcome to another WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY Summer Garden Glimpses’ post. This week, I would like to tell you about two plants which give me much joy: crocosmia – native to eastern Africa and gladiolus – ‘glads’ for short. To my great surprise and delight, these summer bulbs do extremely well here in the northwest of England, and they are quite hardy, surviving storms and snails. Crocosmia bulbs faithfully bear brightly-coloured flowers on wiry, arching stems which open one-by-one from the bottom up every summer. Their bright colour attracts bees, butterflies and even smaller birds like a magnet. Even when they are not in bloom, their spiked, green leaves provide interest, filling many an empty spot we often have in our garden.

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I include a link, “learn how to plant and care for your crocosmia”. This is the time of year to do so for next season.


One of the crocosmia’s relations, the gladiolus, also has sword-like foliage. Both are perennials and will bloom year after year. Gladiolus is a classic perennial known for its tall flower spikes and large, colourful blooms. As cutting flowers and being quite tall, they look spectacular in summer bouquets. They typically reach heights of  2 to 5 feet; something I keep forgetting about, and often, they begin to lean over. This year was worse because of the heavy thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind. Here is a link, giving us tips on how to grow gladiolus successfully.


“The Summer Flowers’ Fling”

Such colourful flowers in my secret garden

Under the old apple trees, there they bloom –  

Mere whispers, living for a short season, yet

My heart sings: can such life ever be a burden?

Ever returning for that moment of bliss, and always

Ready to make me forget our world and its gloom. – M. M. BOTHA

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Book Description: Who knows what you may find in the undergrowth where all sorts of little creatures live? This short story fantasy will take you to a magical world which is hidden in the undergrowth. There, Tree Quarter – the home of all the evergreens – is attacked by a strange and fierce army of tree bugs. Are friendships and family ties strong enough to help the little creatures who live there to survive, and are there any humans who might unwittingly help them to overcome a terrible enemy?
Young and old – especially those of us who love the environment and its many amazing creatures – will enjoy getting to know more about the fragile life in the undergrowth, and perhaps, be reminded of our responsibility to care for our immediate environment, which might be just beyond the garden bench.

 * All photographs are my own. So, you may use them for your own non-commercial use – just mention their source. Thank you!  



  1. Beautiful poem, Maretha. I agree they make us forget the gloom of the world. Lovely flowers. I might have to try planting some of the blubs for that burst of color.

    Liked by 1 person

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