A Wonderful Wednesday Post – Autumn in my Garden

Somehow, we missed summer here in our part of the woods, so suddenly, our brave summer flowering bulbs, shrubs and perennials disappeared, leaving quite a large part of our garden looking a bit sad. Fortunately, a few autumn colours came to its rescue!

We have a brave vine which gives the loveliest leaves, but it has yet to bring any grapes to light. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll agree that its leaves have a pleasant autumn tint!

On the other hand, one of our apple trees has done well, and we are now harvesting its fruitage. You’ll notice a sweet little camouflage expert – a Robin – also enjoying the apples.

Camouflage Expert – a Robin among the autumn apples
My broad smile confirms the fact that nothing much can improve my mood more than discovering that our beetroots thrived despite a wet summer!

Thank you so much for popping in. I hope you enjoy your autumn garden as much as I do. Please feel free to comment and/or follow us. Enjoy the rest of your week and try to stay safe!



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  1. Beautiful garden shots, Maretha:) Looks like an abundant apple crop for you! We had plenty of heat and summer, I’m looking forward to rain and more fall like weather. Xo

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