Wonderful Wednesday – #Garden Glimpses – #Snow, #Pebbles #Decking

How time flies! During December and early January, I had this permafrost feeling – and it had little to do with lockdown or stay-at-home guidelines – I just felt down because the skies were grey most of the time, and I only ventured outside to check on the birds’ water, leave seeds for them and spend time with our “permanent” stray cat, Troubles.  

Fortunately, for a few glorious days towards the end of December and early January, it snowed, and things looked bright and clean without any bog showing at all. As many of you know, this beautiful landscape does not last very long before the rains return and mud and sogginess again appear.

Overnight, our beautiful, lush summer and spring paradise turned into a winter, mud and sludge nightmare, and Hubby decided that the mud and sludge had to go once and for all. Because of Lockdown, he had days at home to start and finish a challenging project – building a small deck as well as create a new pebble path and gravel area beyond the deck. Initially, we planned using only gravel, but our property has no direct road access, so everything had to be wheelbarrowed up a hill. We compromised and now have decking as well as a graveled area.

Like many keen gardeners, we also try to make the garden pollinator friendly. So, some would argue that decking and hard pebbles might not quite be the thing to do. I hope to keep you updated with our progress and especially talk about which plants we intend using to make a Spring and Summer impact. I’ve been a gardener all my life, but the most challenging garden has been here in Lancashire. Nevertheless, we soldier on! Thank you for popping in. Please feel free to comment and/or follow us.

Flame and Hope: An African Adventure (Fauna Park Tales, Book 1)



    • Thanks so much, DL. Yes, Troubles has been hanging about in our back garden, finding a few favourite sunny spots without getting his paws wet. I’m feeling much more positive about the outcome for a happy Spring garden. I’ve spotted a few bumblebees already. 🤓I hope you and your family are keeping safe. Best wishes for the rest of the week.


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