Fauna Park Tales – An African Adventure

“Caring for the environment and its many vulnerable bush creatures is our duty, our choice” –  The Promise – Flame and Hope: An African Adventure

Often, humans don’t understand the bush creatures’ habits and needs. This series is dedicated to all those who love nature and enjoy the beauty of the many animals and birds who sometimes suffer because of our lack of care or simply not understanding what our furry and feathered friends need. This is not an anthropomorphic tale. The bush creatures have their own peculiar language which most humans do not understand, except an individual in a nomadic family  who has inherited the Faunalang gene – a precious gift which can be used either to do good or evil.

eBook 1 Cover


eBook 2 Cover




eBook 4 Cover

All four books are available as eBooks as well as black and white paperbacks.

There’s a definite plot running throughout all four books. However there are stand-alone stories within the plot which can be read to younger listeners as bedtime stories. For example “His Handsomeness, King Rat” and “Apologising To A Goat”.

Book four link: https://www.amazon.com/Trails-Trials-African-Adventure-Fauna-ebook/dp/B06ZYJ3VG1

4 Trails and Trials Paperback Cover Spread 1

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AUTHOR PAGE https://www.amazon.co.uk/Maretha-Botha/e/B00MOORJAO/


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