Flame and Hope: An African Adventure – Fauna Park Tales #1

Flame and Hope: An African Adventure is the first book in a series – Fauna Park Tales – and introduces the reader to a few of the main characters, setting the scene for a plot which develops progressively throughout the series of five books.

There are a few secrets to be revealed:

Mok’ger’wa – a so-called skinny, underfed puppy from the desert is adopted to become a working-dog on a free-range cattle farm, but he never forgets that he has made a promise to his first mistress to always protect and care for young or vulnerable bush creatures. However, not everyone supports him. Will he succeed, and who wants him out of the way?

Faunalang – the bush creatures’ odd language. Only a few humans have inherited the ability to communicate with animals and birds. Who has this skill, and what interest does a poacher and leader of a gang of cattle thieves have in Faunalang?

Hope – an elusive, injured bird of prey – where does he come from and why is he reluctant to reveal his life story?

Two brave martial eagles – both have suffered a loss – what will be their outcome?

eBook available on Amazon @ £1.81 – just click on BUY ON AMAZON
When you buy the 128-page, black and white illustrated paperback @£6.00 or $8.50, you are able to FREE download the eBook with colour illustrations

Here is one of the five-star reviews from this book:

Gwendolyn Plano (number >#1 Bestseller #New Release a novel, The Contract co-author John Howell)5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully crafted…Format: Kindle Edition: Verified Purchase 

“Set in South Africa, this book draws the reader into its story through the local animals. Flame, a dog, and Hope, a bird, guide us over the hurdles of sorrow and the heights of joy. This is a children’s book, but all ages will enjoy the skill of the author in crafting scenes, conveying messages, and providing a compelling story. The illustrations, painted by the author, are extraordinary in that they capture the terrain and the character of the animals.

I commend the author for her careful research to convincingly depict the personalities and physical traits of each of the animals. Their collective and individual voices are enduring and lasting. I look forward to reading the entire series.”

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