Portfolio for Fauna Park Tales Series

This portfolio highlights some excerpts from my series of books – Fauna Park Tales. I’ve written and illustrated the first four books, and I intend to do a fifth book in sometime in the future. This first portfolio showcases images and passages from Book 1, “Flame and Hope: an African Adventure”.

I never changed my mind about this red-roofed farmhouse painting, being a perfect example of a homestead with windmill and concrete dam situated faraway on the southern African savannah – ideal terrain for cattle and sheep farming.

This is a watercolour done by my younger daughter as a school project and comes from a photograph of a real farm situated in the vast Karoo – a thirst land or semi-desert- as you’ll see from some of the landscape photographs. Boreholes are essential and rain is scarce. This is a cold place during winter and the nights are often below freezing.

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