RRBC Badges (2) SPRINGTIME BLOG PARTYA warm welcome  from a cold and grey North-West, Lancashire, United Kingdom on Saturday 22nd April! (I did the draft on the 21st, so please don’t think you have the wrong day, and for some reason unknown to me, the date didn’t change after midnight). I hope you all want to be a winner today, because if you don’t own the first three eBooks in the Fauna Park Tales Series yet, you may want to download all three during the course of this weekend.  The preview and free download links are at the end of this post. And speaking of links, here is the link for other hosts of the SPRINGTIME BOOK & BLOG PARTY  for the next few days. Please copy and paste into your browser.


Don’t forget to leave a short comment to be considered for the extra three prizes I have for today, namely: 2 black-and-white signed paperbacks (Books 1 and 2), for two winners living in the United Kingdom; and should you be a winner living anywhere else, you may choose one paperback from books 1,2 or 3, which I’ll gift to you via CreateSpace or Amazon.

As far as receiving constant reviews for any of my books goes, I’ve not had much success, even though I had a number of downloads along the way since the first book was published in August 2014, and the books reached the Bestseller list in their respective categories on a number of occasions.

Therefore, most children’s authors experience this rude awakening: getting reviews for children’s books is well nigh impossible.  From time to time, I feel and look like these two furry friends . . .

Image result for free stock images of a dog and cat sad face

So, I’m trying something different and certainly would like to hear what you think. I have book 4 on PREORDER for the next three months, which should give anyone interested enough time to read and review at least one of the earlier books, and bring you up to speed with the plot which runs throughout the series. Despite a continuous plot, there are stand-alone stories which can be read to younger listeners such as the exploits of His Handsomeness, King Rat and stubborn goat, Plump-Grump.

Just by way of reminder. The combined word count for all four books is approximately 80,000 words – considering that most of us read more than that in a week. Unfortunately, children’s authors need parents, teachers or carers to post reviews on behalf of their children.

Book Blurb 

“Life continues to take strange turns for Flame, a working dog on a free-range cattle farm. He and three of his furry friends follow the trail of Tall Leader and his gang into the desert after they kidnapped their beloved orphans and stole all the villagers’ cattle. There, they face many dangers, despite the help of their feathered friends, a martial eagle and female eagle owl. Jumping off a moving train, getting lost in the desert without food and water, as well as enduring the taunts of persistent vultures, make their rescue mission even more challenging. However, good humans also pursue these enemies, trying to cut off their escape by approaching the last waterhole nearest the Tukani River from two different directions.
The furry and feathered friends, as well as the good humans have ingenious ways to survive in the desert while they stay in hot pursuit of their enemies. Ostrich eggs and buried roots, a helpful gripe of sandgrouse and a few cheeky meerkats are some friends who provide help along the way. Meanwhile Tall Leader is confident that his tactics and decoys fooled everyone and that nothing can stop his plans to cross the border undetected.


PLEASE NOTE: The preview is not available on pre-order books, but click on the link above to take you to the book page.

Book Description

Trail One: Cattle thieves and their hostages are confident that their venture will succeed and make them very rich;

Trail Two: Flame, and his furry and feathered friends are determined that Tall Leader and his gang of cattle thieves will not succeed to cross the border. So, they intend to find their small hostages and drive the stolen cattle back to Molodi. They are in hot pursuit of their enemies, despite experiencing hunger and thirst;
Trail Three: An elderly tracker and his companion take a risky short-cut, starting on the other side of the Llokodi Hills, traversing a Salt Lake, grasslands, treacherous dunes and rocky spaces. They keep going non-stop, using knowledge of the harsh environment to survive, because failure is no option. The elderly tracker also has a familial interest in the small hostages’ welfare;
Trail Four: Chief Monametsi, John James and their party, are at least twenty-four hours behind their quarry and have no idea that Flame and his friends are ahead of them. Their sole hope lies in the fact that those on Trail Three reach Tall Leader in time to thwart his plans.

These illustrated adventure stories will provide endless hours of reading pleasure to better readers who also enjoy seeing some illustrations of the characters, increasing overall reading pleasure. Book Three and Four should ideally be read in sequence and are most suited to readers 9-13.”


Book 1 – The hero and his furry and feathered friends are still young, so younger listeners will also enjoy hearing Plump-Grump the stubborn goat and conceited, His Handsomeness, King Rat’s stories read to them. Better readers from nine years up, will be able to read for themselves and be aided by the illustrations to have greater reading enjoyment.

      Flame aka Jack Old Boy (3)Book 2 – The hero has learned much and in this book he and his friends stick together when their beloved Fauna Park is threatened by bush fires.  The elusive narrator with unusual pink eyelids who perches in the highest acacia finally reveals his secret. The animals and birds begin to realise how important the good humans’ support is, especially when a further secret helps them discover the identity of someone who can communicate with them in their own language, Faunalang.


Kindle Cover (1)

Book 3 – The young orphans are in danger and the furry and feathered friends make plans to find them and Molodi’s stolen cattle.  Again friends and foes make life difficult, especially when an old foe, His Handsomeness, King Rat, appears while Flame and his friends are away from the farm.

Thank you so much for your interest.  We here at Fauna Park appreciate your support very much.  Please don’t forget to COMMENT/FOLLOW our blog too!

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS ! to the following winners on my blog stop.


(2) e-book vouchers for “FAUNA PARK TALES” BEEM WEEKS – received a MOBI file of Flame and Hope: An African Adventure and PAT FURSTENBERG, South African Children’s author – downloaded Flame and Hope: An African Adventure and left a review for it – which I received with thanks at: https://www.amazon.com/gp/review/R2WW3UETDVV78W?ref_=glimp_1rv_cl

 (This person is not an RRBC Member but her email address may have been captured on my site when she left her comment).

(3) Signed B&W paperback copies of FAUNA PARK TALES. I’ve dispatched a B&W signed copy of Flame and Hope on Saturday, 13th May, but while the three prizewinners had to wait for their physical prizes, I emailed a MOBI file to each of them one who did not have an opportunity to download a free copy during my blog tour

  •  LINDA MIMS – Flame and Hope: An African Adventure book 1
  •   RON YATES – Flame and Hope: An African Adventure book 1
  •   FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS – Friends: An African Adventure book 2
  •   D. E. HOWARD (1) Color-version paperback of FAUNA PARK TALES – not yet received, but I sent Dawn a MOBI of Flame and Hope: An African Adventure in the meantime.  She has kindly left a review already. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XDRQJQX/ref=pdp_new_dp_review Thanks so much.
  •  Mary L. Schmidt 1xSet of three illustrations S. JACKSON – despatched colour print on Saturday the 6th of May.