Series Notes #10 – “The Orphans’ Plight” In Sound – Short Video

A short video of me reading from The Orphans' Plight: An African Adventure.
Black and White Illustrated Paperback of The Orphans’ Plight: An African Adventure –

Thank you for watching our video. I hope it will entice you to buy the book for a younger reader. I like to use a few illustrations to prod my younger readers’ memory. Don’t forget that this is a series – the saga of young young dog and his desert family, so they meet up with all kinds of people on along the way – good humans, like the James family and the bad humans – Tall Leader and his gang of poachers.

Thank you for popping in today. We hope that you’ve enjoyed listening to our short presentation. Should you wish please comment and/or follow us. All the best for 2019!



  1. This was a great reading Maretha:) It really makes me want to read it. This had been sitting at the top of my reading list for too long and I will read next. I’ve loved this series as much as my grandkids:)

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    • Thanks so much, DL! I’m busy tweaking each of the books and at the moment I’m doing the second one, Friends. The illustrations are also better formatted and the story line tighter. I’m striving not to let the pages go beyond 110 and word count no more than 18,000.perhaps a new cover when I’m reuploading on Amazon. Will have to see!! 🌺😁🌺All the best for 2019 and your publishing endeavours 🌺😁🌺

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